MyGRODA is the first course undertaken by healthcare workers embarking in the field of deceased organ and tissue donation. Originally based from the Spanish training module, this 3-day course’s objectives are:

  • To strengthen awareness, knowledge and communication skills of healthcare workers in engaging with donor’s family members;
  • To familiarize medical officers, specialists and paramedics in organ donation process from donor detection up to organ and tissue procurement.

The training covers theories in family grief and bereavement, verbal and non-verbal communication skills with family members and organ donation conversation. At the end of each modules, participants are involved in role plays to empower their role in grief management.

This course is aimed for all transplant coordinators i.e UPOH and TOP team who have completed the MyGRODA Course. It is intended to:

Equip the donor coordinators with clinical management, coordination and communication skills to deal with organ and tissue donation cases including :

  • Donor detection
  • Family approach
  • Donor maintenance
  • Donor management
  • Medicolegal cases handling
  • Logistic arrangement, and
  • Post donation Care
  • To equip the specialists with the knowledge to conduct brain death test according to the National Brain Death Consensus.

A structured training components including theory, practical and team building activities are included in this course to give a well-balanced learning experience to the participants.

Whole-day course aimed at increasing the awareness and understanding of health personnel related to organ donation.

There are 4 learning modules namely

  1. What is Organ Donation? (Basics of Organ Donation)
  2. What Will Be Done? (Organ Donation Process)
  3. What is Religious Acceptance? (Organ Donation & Islam)
  4. What Is Our Role? (Organ Donation Promotion)