Any form of organ and tissue donation will only be carried out after obtaining permission from the next of kin or family. It is important, if you desire to donate or have pledged to be an organ donor, to communicate this to your family.

There are two types of deceased organ donation following cardiac death or brain death.


In Malaysia, an individual who has been confirmed brain death is able to donate all types of organs and tissues. Brain death is an irreversible condition in which all brain functions have ceased (as a result of conditions such as severe trauma to the head or aneurysms). An individual who is brain dead is unable to breathe on his/her own and relies entirely on life support. Brain death is a legally accepted form of death, accepted worldwide by professional groups and by the National Fatwa Council of Malaysia (National Fatwa Council 2011). To confirm brain death, brain death assessment is conducted twice over the span of 6 hours by a trained physician (who is not involved in the procurement or transplant process).



Cardiac death is a condition where all heart functions cease, and this is the leading cause of death in Malaysia (2020). Currently, patients who suffer cardiac death, can only donate tissues (including cornea, heart valves, bones and skin).