The Islamic view on organ donation in Malaysia is issued by the National Fatwa Council. According to National Fatwa Council that convened between June 23rd to 24th, 1970 organ and tissue donation for transplantation is allowed permissible (harus). For more information on this fatwa read here.


Buddhism accepts organ donation and transplantation. According to K. Sri Dhammanenda Nayake Therra, donating body parts like eyes, kidneys etc. is a noble act. It encourages organ and tissue donation as long as no element of commercialization is involved.


Hinduism is a religion based on love, compassion and generosity. It is a practical aspect that is held by Hindus. A Hindu can donate anything including his organs either during life or after death. In conclusion, Hinduism does not prevent its followers from donating organs if it can save the lives of others.


Christianity encourages its adherents to help those in need of organ transplant treatment to replace their dysfunctional organs. However, organ donation should be regulated by law and ethics, to prevent sale and exploitation by irresponsible parties.


In principle, the Sikh religion does not prohibit the donation of eyes and other organs. Donating eyes and other organs after death is an invaluable gift for a person.