Summary of Organ Donation Process


  • A person certified brain death is identified as a potential donor
  • Case is referred to National Transplant Resource Center
  • Potential donor is evaluated to determine organ and tissue condition/suitability
  • A family discussion session is held with the potential donor’s family members
  • Written consent for organ and tissue donation is obtained from the family member
  • In medico-legal cases (eg. road accidents, suicide, homicide), a written clearance will be obtained from the magistrate prior donation
  • A team of surgeons and staffs is mobilized to the donor’s location either by land or air transport.
  • Surgery to retrieve the organs and tissues is performed under sterile technique and utmost respect to the donor
  • Donated organs are brought back to the recipient’s transplant centers:
    • Kuala Lumpur Hospital – Kidney transplant, bone bank
    • National Heart Institute (IJN) – Heart and lung transplants, heart valve bank
    • Selayang Hospital – Liver and kidney transplants
    • Sungai Buloh Hospital – Eye bank