Organ and tissue donation do not result in body disfigurement. Every measure is taken to ensure the donor is treated with respect and kindness. Burial and open casket funerals are still possible if desired.

No. Organ and tissue donation for transplantation can only be performed with a written consent obtained from the family or next-of-kin. Organ and tissue procurement surgery is conducted just like any surgical procedure.
No. In fact it is encouraged. Muslims in Malaysia are allowed to pledge and donate their organs and tissues.
No, treatment will not be affected. It is imperative to understand, that in any medical setting, the primary aim is to treat you or your loved ones. This means the focus is on treating you and not somebody else. The question of donation only becomes a possibility when an individual is brain dead with the obtainment of consent from next of kin or family members.

This depends on several criteria;

i. Organs and tissues which has been consented for donation by the next-of-kin;
ii. Organs and tissues are functioning well and still can be used for transplant after death;
iii. Suitable recipients on waiting list.

Yes. Only the eyes (corneal tissues) are retrieved for donation. Some criteria do exist for this procurement. Contact us for more information.