Transplantation Facts


  • Organs and tissues can only be donated following CONSENT from the deceased donor’s next-of-kin or family member.
  • SENIOR CITIZENS are also eligible to pledge as an organ and tissue donor
  • Malaysia has one of the HIGHEST number of kidney failure patients in the world. HALF of them can be treated through kidney transplant.
  • Heart and lungs must be transplanted within 4-6 HOURS once the organs have been procured from the donor.
  • The minimum age for consent to pledge as an organ and tissue donor is 18 years old; those below this legal age will require consent from their parents or guardians.
  • The YOUNGEST tissue donor in Malaysia was 25 DAYS
  • Malaysia recorded is one of the countries with fatalities due to road traffic accident. However, only LESS THAN 1% of affected families have consented for organ donation.
  • A person who donated their organs and tissues could save at least 8 lives.